Sun Microsystems Experience, Part 2

So I called again to follow up on my Try and Buy order of my Ultra 40, and I spoke with a very friendly and helpful lady who informed me of some things of which I was not previously aware.

First, apparently they’re backlogged on Try and Buy orders. This really isn’t surprising considering that Jonathan’s blog entry got Slashdotted, and so I’m sure there a ton of eager people trying to get their hands on free Sun systems, for trial and hopefully keeping. I’m one of them, I suppose, even though I didn’t come into the thing via Slashdot.

The other thing I learned is that my receipt of the quote apparently does not necessarily indicate I’ve been approved for the trial. She mentioned that after my application was submitted and after I got sent the quote, my application would be sent through credit processing. I have no idea how or if they’ll check any credit information on me since I did not provide them with my Social Security number, nor (that I recall) with permission to run a credit check. Maybe that’s not what the department does for individuals, but I don’t know. Either way, I was operating somewhat under the assumption that the quote indicated I’d been accepted to the Try and Buy program.

She’d said if I hadn’t heard by Friday, to call in again. It’s no sweat, really, since it’s a pretty painless process and so far I’ve gotten to a human very quickly after navigating a mere two menus. I just hope I’m going to be able to participate in this, is all; I’m really looking forward to the chance to work with some of Sun’s workstation hardware, as my laptop is due to be replaced in less than a year and I mightn’t be opposed to the idea of having a less portable workstation.

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